Need drum charts?

Writing great charts for drums can be a mystery for many and it’s easy to see why there is often confusion over the subject, especially if you are not a drummer. This goes beyond simply knowing how to write drum notation or even drum grooves, and requires a different approach to writing for other instruments.

Having had a strong background of sight reading a lot of charts, and continuing to play from written music today in many different situations, I have a great deal of first hand experience as to what makes a successful drum chart that reads well and gets the music straight off the page, while not lacking any information. The last thing you want is your drummer with their head stuck in the part trying to figure out what you mean! Rather we want it to speak immediately and clearly to them, allowing them to get on with the job and play music.

If you would like to hire me for any sort of drum kit writing, or if you simply have any questions then please send me a message to discuss further. I give quotes on an individual basis depending on the nature and amount of work, with any further small amendments made free of charge.

I can help with any tasks such as:

  • Amending an existing part

  • Writing from scratch

  • Transcribing from a recording (fully notated, or ‘guide chart’ style)

I work with the latest version of Sibelius. Parts can either be sent as a Sibelius file or simply a PDF, as requested.

"A couple of years ago, I had the task of learning 23 King Crimson tunes, most of them odd time signatures, many of them ten minute pieces with lots of stops and starts, tempo changes, and also, a huge percentage of very definite drum parts that had been constructed to avoid three drummers not flamming or playing over each other.

Although I’m used to learning lots of different music and quite often I do it by memory, this was going to be too much to remember, and since there were hardly any charts available, I realised I would need help as I was working fairly constantly up to the time I was about to start rehearsing with King Crimson.

A friend of mine suggested I get someone to help transcribe and write out some parts. Scott Chapman was recommended to me, and although at this point I had never met him or seen him play drums, he was absolutely great and really helped me get the job done. I would recommend him to anyone!"

- Jeremy Stacey, UK session drummer

Coming soon…

I am planning on writing a downloadable PDF book on writing drum charts. Watch this space!