A year in review

It would appear I still haven’t quite figured out that a website doesn’t run itself and that this page is in danger of becoming an annual write up. Not good. Plus I only find myself here writing this as a way of avoiding doing my accounts. Also not good...!

But I’ll quickly bring things up to speed with some of the more recent highlights. Patchwork Jazz Orchestra’s debut album which we recorded last December at Air Studios is entering the final stages of mixing and mastering. It was great to have a couple of my compositions ‘Barcarolle’ and ‘Mind Palace’ recorded, and I’m super happy with how they have come out. The album will be released sometime in the first half of 2019. More info and updates at www.patchworkjazzorchestra.com and the band’s facebook page if you want to keep up with the latest. It’s going to be a fantastic record!

Rewinding to April, I had the chance to delve back into the world of percussion touring with Sheridan Smith. It’s been a while since I’ve been behind a pair of timpani but it was enjoyable to have a change of roll within a band and approach the music from a different perspective. A highlight as always to play at the Albert Hall for the London date on the tour, and nice to be on a gig with another drummer too which rarely happens! - great to play alongside Doug Harper holding it down on the tubs.

I’ve continued playing lots with my good friend Misha Mullov-Abbado who is doing very well with his group. Aside from a nice handful of gigs across the country this year we also we also made it over to Belgium last month, and have enjoyed a couple of live stream recording sessions for MQA as part of their demonstrations in master quality audio streaming. We were at the Pool Studio for one with a live audience listening in Munich, then at RAK studios for another with an audience in Denver! Just a shame we couldn’t hear them - I sure hope they were making up for the two or three people we had clapping in the studio.

Business as usual in the West End with Wicked and Aladdin, and I’ve been fortunate to have worked lots on Chicago at the Phoenix Theatre too since the summer. A very involved drum part and the novelty of being on stage has made it a great show to go in on. I’ve also very recently been in to cover on ‘Heathers’ at the Theatre Haymarket. Another heavy drum part but this time a chance to bring the rock chops and single strokes to the fore! Lots of fun.

Up next for me is a short two month stint taking over drum duties on the current Wicked tour in Cardiff and then Manchester, which will see me through to early January.

Until 2019! Scott