Being far from the new year it rather is time I wrote something new on this page. I'm sat here typing this from the tropical paradise that is Aberdeen, having arrived there yesterday morning (joking aside it was surprisingly hot!) My first time in Scotland, this will be home for the next 4 weeks as the Wicked tour continues. Very much looking forward to playing again after a week off back in London, and it would seem the audiences here are keen too - having heard that one individual apparently turned up to the show a year in advance...

I've recently had a listen to some mixes from Misha Mullov-Abbado's debut album we recorded back in March and dare I say it I believe we've got a fantastic album on our hands! It's due to be released in September with an exciting launch gig taking place in London the same month. More details to follow soon so do keep an eye out here or on Misha's website.

Proscenium had a successful debut at the Southbank Centre, with a large and enthusiastic audience and some top notch playing from all. Sadly due to logistical reasons, Nadim has recently had to step down from the band, however we are lucky to have another fantastic tenor sax player George Crowley on board in his absence. Proscenium's next gig is June 14th at Omnibus Clapham, which I have been working hard towards writing some new material which will be played then for the first time.

Meanwhile the Patchwork Jazz Orchestra will be making an appearance at the Vortex next month, before heading over to Italy for a couple of gigs in July. We've recently set up a Facebook page, on which videos from our launch gig at the 2014 London Jazz Festival are currently being uploaded. Check it out here and of course 'like' it to keep updated with any future activity!

That'll be all for now. Next time I'll try not to leave it 4 months before writing a new post - as I'm sure you must have all been positively dying with anticipation for this one. Still, you never know... 

Until then!